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Proper cookery renders good food material more digestible. When scientifically done,
each of the food elements, with the exception of fats, in much

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When looking at the stories told by women with disabilities, we realised that violence was a recurrent theme, something women could potentially face on a daily basis. What we also recognised is that this violence

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Bola Gibson, head of community engagement at TSB, says: “Unlike large organisations, which naturally have more resources at their disposal, small local charities really struggle to get their voice heard.

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None of this is bureaucratic red tape. The legal framework supports trustees in making responsible and well-informed decisions about charity property, and provides safeguards to deal with conflicts of interest.

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The likely impact of these changes has been overstated because of misunderstandings about how the Charities Act framework operates. Once the changes take effect, we expect most disposals by registered